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And by the way, the suit, it wasn't cheap.

You oughta know, you bought it.

Joker Cosplay
Gotham City
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This community is pretty self-explanatory. This is the place to post about awesome Joker costumes/cosplayers you have encountered, as well as show off your own Joker costumes, discuss costume building, costume accuracies, makeup tips, and receive feedback and help on finding all the materials to create your own Joker costume. All levels of cosplayers and fans welcome! (On that note, other Batman-related costumes are also welcome, though the primary focus of this group is Joker cosplay.)

1. ALL PICS BEHIND AN LJ CUT PLEASE. We don't want to spam people's flists or break the interwebs. Friend-locking your pictures is up to you, whether you want your face on the internet or not. Don't know how to make an LJ cut? Read this.
2. BE NICE. People put a lot of thought and effort into their costumes, please don't belittle them with comments like "Wow, that sucks." Constructive criticism is almost always welcome; just don't be an asshole. This isn't a costume contest.
3. NO ADVERTISING. Linking to places where you can buy Joker costume pieces is fine, but please, no personal pimping of any type. We don't care about your grandma's garage sale. Really.
4. PLEASE STAY ON-TOPIC. Joker cosplay is the reason why we're here, but I'm pretty lenient when it comes to off-topic. Making a Harvey/Gordon/Batman/Harley Quinn costume? That's fine. Have some OMGSUPEREXCITINGNEWS about the Dark Knight fandom? Fine. That cute boy in algebra class just asked you out? Not fine. Use your judgment.
5. POST A WARNING FOR ANYTHING OVER PG-13. I don't care what kind of pose your sexy nurse Joker is in, as long as it's tagged for the people who are browsing at work or on public computers.

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